Our Folks 2.0

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Welcome to the draft of Our Folks 2.0 - the Goggans family in America.

The original book, "Our Folks" was authored by Sadie Goggans and Maron Summer Eve with many contributors, and published in 1987 - printed by State Printing Company

The heart of the book is an outline listing of the known descendants (based on her research and travels) of the oldest documented Goggans member from this family (William, 1700-1766) in America.

Of course this research work, conducted in the '70's and '80's involved trips to County courthouses to review physical documents, visit/call/write to families and gather handwritten notes from family bibles, and so forth (no Internet!). Her travels were limited to a section of the Southeast, without gathering much information further West than Mississippi.

The broad migration, starting with William and his 4 sons near Newport News, VA, into South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and beyond. A vast number of people had already migrated into Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and subsequently to California as a result of the great Dust Bowl in the central plains. Most of these people were not documented in the original book, likely because of the time, cost and distance to physically cover that much ground.

This website and project attempts to extend that original work, collaboratively, with any and all family and extended relationships.

Gary Lee Goggans

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